Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Textiles Innovation Project

Textiles Innovation Project..

Inspired by vintage haberdashery and textiles..


  1. Wow, fabulous pictures and designs, what are you studying at uni? :) Sarah

  2. those are lovely images and I was wondering how you have been doing along with Mr. Dylan!

    Can't wait to catch up!

  3. Hi Tamzin
    Great to hear that you are working hard at Uni, you could have given us a bit of a clue though!
    T X
    nice to have met you briefly at Frome.

  4. Thanks for sharing your project work, its really interesting to see your influences at work. I love the haberdashery packaging collage and the silver triangular design.

    P.S. Hope Dylan's keeping well and not missing you too much!

  5. It looks fantastic, especially your scrap book - looks like such an interesting course!

  6. no! not terrible blogger...BUSY blogger!

    hope you and Dylan are well

  7. I can see you have been very busy, I love your images, very innovative and must be very interesting. I do remember what hard work being at Uni is!!
    Jo xx

  8. Love your designs and great photos. Good to hear you are enjoying Uni and keeping busy. Don't worry about blogging, we will all still be here each time you pop back to say hello.
    Ann x

  9. sometimes wish i was back at art school; have a dream to do an ma in fine art but who knows? still diddling around artistically as well as brocanting. love your project, fertile ground the vintage scene for inspiration eh? so much groovy stuff here in france, need a huge studio to organise it all. enjoy; linda

  10. Your Uni work looks amazing!
    Keep up with the hard work... and it will pay off in the end!
    Good Luck!


  11. What a very lovely textile collection. Love all your designs!