Thursday, 17 February 2011

Contemporary Textiles for Professional Practice

Contemporary Textiles for Professional Practice..

Interiors Brief, inspired by the Ottoman Empire..


  1. Lovely images Tamzin, great to see you back in Blog land. Hope Uni is going well.
    Jo xx

  2. Very interesting Tamsin, are they your own creations ?
    Welcome back.
    T x

  3. Hi Tamsin, lovely to hear from you again. Are these designs part of your coursework?

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments! Yes, these designs were for my last uni project, you might not be able to see the images very well but the emphasis was on the texture of the flocking and foiling. Not the best project in the world, but my current one is going a lot better and is far more interesting! Will have to reveal all soon!